Ed Albetski

The stories coming out this morning are whining that Osama was unarmed. That matters? If we wanted the guy arrested and handcuffed and read his rights we would have sent the NYPD after him. We sent a troop of Navy Seals. These are strike troops. They shoot people. Once they have a target they attack and try not to shoot folks wearing a Navy Seals uniform, but that’s it, everything else is a target. I won’t even entertain criticism of those guys. I would give them all medals.

Although I don’t celebrate a death, I think killing Osama was the best solution all around. The circus of a trial would have been a disaster.

Watching the talking heads on TV and listening to the comments made by “man on the street” folks across the country saddens me. When news organizations give microphones to every crank they can find the national conversation devolves into meaningless rants. No wonder no one even believes anything the government says anymore when the guys wearing tinfoil hats are being interviewed.