Denise Petet

I find the fact that the only op that suceeded was the one we told noone about until after it was over. It makes you wonder how many times we might have had him, might have gotten close…but since we followed the rules and disclosed, people might have been warned and bad guys got away.

I think it speaks to how invasive and pervasive Al Queda can be…that it suggests that they have at least, sympathizers all over the place. Whether they be full fledged sympathizers or just people too afraid to not speak up or so desperate for money that they tip off operations to make a few bucks.

I think it also speaks to an underlying issue…either governments that fully support Al Queda, or members of the government that do. It’d be like trying to catch a fugitive in the US when certain membes of law enforcement turn a blind eye, help that fugitive get away or out right warn and protect them.