Russell C Walker

This is crucial and awesome in so many ways. First the illustration of a relentless and capable military is astounding and very important strategically for our men & women Warfighters. Second, it is not good for our opponents around the globe – there is something to be said for a subconscious “fear” that “they (US & Allies) may get me someday”.

On a National level we can set strategic and tactical goals in Iraq & Afghanistan and begin to withdraw without any guilt. The information that Osama bin Laden was in the most prominent residence in a suburban Pakistan town amid dozens of retired military shows to the world the “unwinnable” aspect of conflict in the Middle East for US & Allied troops. Now the work will truly ramp up for CIA and covert Ops to bolster the rising tide for democracy in the Islamic worlds. For too many centuries the populations have been under the sultans, sheiks and rulers benefitting from their nations’ natural resources while fully two thirds of their populations live in less than standard conditions and many nations continue to experience fifty per cent unemployment.

The Far East and West might consider stepping back and establishing a method to support the budding desires for freedom and self-rule among the populations and respect the differences among us while aiding the freedom-seekers and freedom-fighters wherever they may be. Too long have the peoples suffered there because it is expedient politically to keep certain persons in power.