Denise Petet

Glad he’s gone. I found it amusing that the key to a successful raid seems to be to tell no one until after it’s over – including our allies.

I’m glad the military seems to be embracing low key…IMHO, the last thing we need is the perception that we’re rubbing peoples’ noses in his death. (although the hypocrisy rampant with any extreme group does mean that no matter what we do, i’ll incite someone and if they had done the equivalent, their govt. would be urging them to shout it from the rooftops)

But I think the sad thing is, it took us almost 10 years to find him, because he had many allies and friends that helped to hide him – even if it was help by turning the other way and not speaking out. So if it took us that long to eliminate him, do we even want to think how many decades it’ll take to end terrorism???? Or will we accept that we never will.

We have a few too many people in this world (and country) using ‘I’m doing ‘god’s’ will’ as an excuse to persecute, attack and kill. And that’s the attitude that allows terrorism – in all its incarnations.