• NAICS: I don’t recommend replacing the concept or even the existing system. The simplest fix is for CO’s to take a more expansive view of how to use them. For example, 541611 (Administrative Management and General Management Consulting) is one of the more heavily utilized generic NAICS codes. When using 541611 couldn’t several other codes apply as well?
  • Small Business Offices:
  • Clear Language: This is highly related to requirements, or as I prefer to view them “needs”. What I think happens is that when the government’s needs are well understood internally, they do not get translated well to the industry via the RFP process. Legalese, contracting-ese, etc all cloud the needs of the government.

I always hate giving the cliche “just blow up the existing process/system” response to really good inquiries like yours, so I’m trying to confine myself to smaller or more medium sized concepts. Tweaking what we have now.