I get what you’re saying about Shipley’s if requirements were well understood etc. But unfortunately for the Industry, we don’t really ever know how well the government understands its own needs. So it’s kind of a crapshoot for us to begin with. Further, Contractors are ALWAYS competing against each other, regardless of the quality of the requirements. So for us, the quality (or maybe rather perceived quality) of our proposals is vitally important. That’s why I bring up Shipley’s.

If the concept of RFPs was totally revamped, then we could perhaps start over with a bid process that adds more value for the government, better enables it to make award decisions, and more accurately determine what bidders can deliver on what they propose. Past Performances are supposed to assist in that, but I view them as grossly abused by we in the Industry in our submissions. There’s been some improvements in this area, but the vast majority of Past Performance information is Contractor developed/maintained.