Jaime Gracia

Reply to @Pete

The debrief process is one of the fundamental acquisition-related communication mediums that needs a complete overhaul. The biggest barrier is institutional, as acquisition personnel often claim they do not have the time or resources to conduct debriefings properly or at all (especially with FAR 8 buys), which is a disingenuous and counter-productive argument. Protest actions are on the rise, and a well-done debrief would properly eliminate half the protest filed, which have and will continue to see increase activity in the environment of austere budgets.

One of our initiatives will be best practices during contract award, with the first work package envisioned as being a comprehensive debrief deliverable for use by Contracting Officers across government on how to conduct a proper debrief. This resource will hopefully satisfy a glaring hole on process and methodology, and provide government the ability to communication vital information to industry, and also ensure that processes and documents support a sound contract award decision. This will help offset protest activity, improve the bidding process for both buyers and sellers, and open pathways to communication.