Jaime Gracia

Replies to @ Christopher:

  • NAICS codes: No doubt this needs a relook by SBA. They recently revised the size standards for a very limited number of NAICS codes, but not nearly enough to make a difference. How would small business classify themselves outside NAICS? What suggestions could you give to improve?
  • Industry Familiarity: The portal (point 25 of Kundra’s 25 point memo) is a collaborative platform for this very purpose. It is intended to allow buyers/sellers to exchange information about an opportunity or a need outside FBO. Further, this platform can be used as a way to exchange this information you suggest. I’ll add it to the list of “requirements” for our reform agenda.
  • Small Business Offices: What exactly do they need to be doing? There has been discussions with FAI/DAu that SBA personnel need to be 1102s. What constructive feedback could be provide?
  • Clear Language: Definitely something we would like to address in best practices. My particular focus is on outcome based procurements, identifying needs and allowing industry to propose solutions.