Really like your point regarding debriefing. I have attended a few of these, and I felt like I was forcing the government debriefer to perform a root canal on himself. Needless to say that session was not very informative. I too have found debriefs to be nearly useless. We went to every effort we could to make it clear we weren’t complaining or there to berate them, but we really just wanted to learn more about how the proposal was viewed by the government.

Maybe to that end the government could release a “proposals reviewed summary” document when an award is made? I can see how this might open up the protest process, but it would be interesting to see a macro level perspective from the government on the quality of bids, what worked well, where most deficiencies occurred etc.

I’d really like to know from the government acquisition folks what they’d like their industry partners to do better or differently. I’m sure we aren’t making their lives easy.