Looking forward to some interesting responses that you’ll get. I’ll have to think harder to provide some better comments, but here are a few items off the top of my head:

  • NAICS codes: They seem to be arbitrarily selected, and have a huge impact on the potential bidders. Either this concept needs to be revamped totally, or a much more thorough selection of NAICS codes needs to be used for solicitations. Lots of codes overlap in scope.
  • Industry Familiarity: An increase in the options for contractors to learn more about the customer. Even if you have a couple years of experience it is not a guarantee one will know the client extremely well. Periodic events during the year for the industry to learn more about the client would be beneficial. Or just putting more information out on the needs and processes of working with the agency. This information varies, and often times is written from the perspective of what the government thinks the industry wants to know, but typically it isn’t very useful.
  • Small Business Offices: They are typically either totally useless, or good advocates who aren’t really able to open too many doors. There are exceptions to this rule (I for one find NGA’s to be fantastic), but if they could better assist small businesses in learning about how agencies work that would be useful.
  • Clear Language: For obvious reasons RFPs are written in a very specific manner, but typically the language used obscures the real needs of the customer. Clearer descriptions, along with the required legal and contracting-ese language could be of benefit.

Thanks for starting this discussion.