Roger Bryant

Terry had some good points: I agree

Politicians shouldn’t receive lifetime benefits until they have done their 20 or 30 years

Pull troops and support out of countries that have enjoyed our comfort from past wars like Korea, Okinawa, Germany

Stop the Congress self voting pay raises and let the people vote their pay raises as they do us

Stop handouts through welfare and illegal immigration work for it and get legal

Stop all programs that are duplicated in one way or another and consolidate them

DONNA you are correct, I’m a military retiree 2 tours afghan and 3 Iraq why should my retirement age or yours be messed with for a mistake some else made we did our time and paid for it one way or another. NO WAY BOB

Stop earned income credit, you made the extra dependents, its your job to support them

Cut the politicians fringe benefits

Cut civilian contractors supporting military functions soldiers are already trained for ( cooks, engineers, electricians) BROWN and ROOT