Deborah Harrell

Actually, the peope who EARN the most money pay the MOST tax to keep this country functioning.

Approximately 50% of resident of this country pay NOTHING! Oh, and, if you make so little we will GIVE you a “Earned Income Tax Credit” of $2,000, is it? And of course the money I earn at work is probably also subsidizing your groceries and rent.

Our infrastructure is falling apart because there is no incentive to be financially productive in this country. The more I make, the more the governement says I owe. Business is moving over seas because of tax incentives that aren’t offered here.

Soon, the top 10% percent of earners, who pay, what, about 75% of the taxes total for the country are going to take themselves elsewhere and then people will actually have to be responsible for themselves! That will be an eye opener for alot of people who depend only on the government to take care of them.

Call me selfish if you want, but keep in mind 16 years ago I agreed to strap on a gun and potentially give my life to protect a total stranger,even a non-tax paying illegal alien receiving govrnement benfits at my expense. All I ask is that everyone contribute to this great country so the government can successfully carry out the essential functions it should and drop the waste.

By the way, raising taxes has NEVER made the government function more efficiently or effectively. Tell me, how far should we keep raising them?