Terry W. Davis

Selling a few billion barrels of our untapped trillion-barrel-plus reservoir of sweet crude oil might help …

Terminate funding for epic fails like the Departments of Education and Energy.

Terminate funding for all the nuclear weapons that we will never use.

Terminate funding for USAID to populations that only accept it because they hope to live long enough to destroy us.

Raise the export tax on our outgoing food to nations that sell crude oil to us.

Terminate funding for meddling in nations that have no impact on our National interests, like any country on the southern coast of the Mediterranean (the countries on the northern coast of the Med should be meddling there), Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Terminate “peace pay offs” to countries like N. Korea, Israel, Egypt, etc. If they want to commit suicide/self-destruct, let them.

Terminate lifetime salaries for otherwise wealthy individuals that held politcal positions.

Implement a flat tax for individual income and corporations.

Terminate individual tax refunds that exceed the amount of taxes that an individual paid.

Shut down redundant U.S. embassies. Allow only one per country with small field offices as necessary.

And for crying outloud, stop spending tax $$ rewarding the criminal invasion of the USA.