Alicia Mazzara

I would guess that this gap stems from there being fewer female managers. I suspect it is hard to feel very empowered if most of people above you are men, and it may be difficult or uncomfortable to report violations as a result of this. This post is also interesting in light of Natalie’s blog post, https://www.govloop.com/profiles/blogs/women-put-your-hand-up. In it, there is a great clip of Elizabeth Warren talking about how women often say things in meetings but fail to get heard, but as soon as a man says the same thing, everyone gives him credit for the idea. Imagine how disempowering it must be to sit through a meeting like that. If you try to point out that you thought of it first, you just seem petty. But if you don’t say anything, your boss will think the other guy is the genius. A female manager has probably experienced this herself and might be more sensitive to the situation.