Arthur Gabriele

One shoe fits all may have some merit.

In my view, I believe that government needs to stop trying to create jobs and leave that to the private sector.

Billions are spent in the name of creating jobs. Government funded projects only put a higher demand on the tax payer.

If we are to cut back on our spending, we need to conserve what we have (maintenance). Bigger budgets in our time of financial instability is counterproductive.

If Real Estate foreclosures are on the rise and the tax rate has gone up, that is not the recipe to restore the economy.

From as long as I can remember, in every new campaign for election, the magic button is more education. So if the population is so advanced from throwing money at the education system; why is our economy declining?

Education is only meant to meet with demand. I don’t particularly condone public education. I don’t trust government to take the responsibility to educate the children. I believe that it should be left in the hands of the parents. Let them keep their money. I’m sure they will spend it more wisely. The larger the government, the more confusion. We have to deal with more administration poops to achieve mediocre results. Today’s advance education is a faults promise.. We have 50 states in a tug of war over the pool of employment. The problem is not just a state or city problem, but more a country problem. But that’s a story for another day.