Candace Riddle

Recently moved to Charlotte, NC and was really disappointed to find that there was NO FREE wi-fi in downtown (a major banking and business hub no less). I could get free wi-fi in downtown Augusta, GA for goodness sakes. I was also disappointed to find out that I had to pay for wi-fi the last time I flew through Atlanta.

I definatley believe that cities like Charlotte should offer free wi-fi. It encourages business and productivity. It seems like this would be a no brainer and that resources between the county and city could be shared to make this happen.

I’ve recently seen several adds for “free” cell phones and wireless service for low income families in the area. If government (though this may be a Federal program) can make the luxury of a cell phone happen for those in need, then why not make wi-fi free for everyone who may be visitiing, conducting business, or otherwise driving productivity and revenue for the city?