Bo Miller

I am an active duty Marine, and I just happen to work in an academic environment (I teach at the Staff NCO Academy, Okinawa). It always seems peculiar to me that so many folks seem to be elevated to positions of authority and very senior billets, and yet have somehow bypassed the “English requirement” that I had to have to simply graduate high school! It is professionally embarrassing for me to be a SNCO in my beloved Marine Corps, and witness, on an almost cyclic rate, another much more senior SNCO send out an all-hands email of some sort with glaring spelling and grammatical errors.

I hate hearing the excuse that people are in a hurry. C’mon, really? I guess no one was in a hurry back when we used typewriters, and white-out, huh? Whatever. People are lazy. Period. End of subject.

All of what I’m saying manifests itself every day, all around me. I find errors in the newspaper. Regularly. Bear in mind that newspapers keep someone on their paid staff to weed these type of discrepancies out. That someone is known as the editor. Yeah, wow.