Stefany M. Mercer

Agreed! SMH! Txting & other “flash” writing have killed the normally expected proofreading that would catch these mistakes. I’m much less bothered by the grammatical mistakes when in quick banter, but like Steve L. said, it IS bothersome to see these same mistakes in official documents/published materials. (Most recently, I saw an official government newsletter use “OMG!” in the headline.)

As far as message versus style goes, I agree that the point of all of our communication tools is to communicate a message, and as long as the message is being communicated, then some minor errors should be ignored. Comma splices are the WORST flow interrupters, though! Comma=Break. When in doubt, PLZ go without! :-/


P.S.-Spellcheck tends to be a waste of time outside of catching overlooked typos, but the autocorrect on smart phones can be a REAL killer! O.o; Check behind your checker….