Keena Cauthen

I have read all of the responses and agree with a number of them. I do find misspelled words distracting when reading anything, no matter the reason, and common grammatical errors such as “a apple” or “that apples” tends to make me think slightly less of the writer. I am human and do judge the writer for those errors that I find to be simple errors that anyone who has graduated high school should be able to proof out of their writing. I also do not suspend this judgment based upon what I’m reading, be that a novel, a media column, or a blog. If you are taking the time to put your voice out there, then you should take the time to ensure that it is written correctly. Another responder stated (and I paraphrase) that in our haste to get out voice out there, we do not take the time to proof our work. Why do we feel that a response to anything does not require us to put the same thought, time, and effort into it that we would require from the original author? In addition, do we really need to respond to every blog, e-mail, column, or post that we see? Yes, there is a lot of information available to us, and a lot of communications that we may be able to add our views on, but if you do not have the time to ensure that your response is written correctly, is responding the best use of your time? Just because you can, does not mean that you must. And yes, this is one of the few posts that I have responded to, though I have read a number of them and agree/disagree with them as appropriate.