Julie Chase

At this time, they are deadlocked. For me and my little slice of DoD, DoN, means “hiring freeze indefinately”, the MARADMIN was out on that before the “Super Committee” had their first cup of coffee together. Wage freezes are going to continue from 2 yrs to 5 yrs. We have been told that “high 3” for retirement just may go to “high 5”. We, here in our little corner of the world are and have been doing more for less for quite some time now. We have been through an A-76 over ten yrs ago and have been running on an MEO until that ended 2 yrs ago. We are still operating with 3 less soon to be 4 employees as they retire. And that is just my organization, there are many here who are at “bare bones”. This is the “new normal” for us. I don’t believe anyone in DC has a clue what it is like beyond the beltway for this group of govie workers. Mass reductions in the USMC by about 20,000 will mean young men and women between the ages of 22 and 30 (most with families of children under the age of 7) will be looking for a job with little marketable skills. Why do you think the military is loaded with recruits when the economy is bad? Yeah, it’s a job that pays, let’s be real about it. We are so busy policing the rest of the world we are not concentrating on what is going on in our own backyard. There is nothing we can do for the Middle East anymore. It is clear they don’t want us there, and they dont’ want a Wallyworld and a MickeyD’s on every block. Pack up, go home, there is work to be done right here.

It’s time to close 1/2 the bases in Europe and put the military on both borders, north and south. Start looking at the TOP brass for cuts, not at the GS4 level. You don’t pull the foundation out first, then your whole building collapses. Geez louise, they need to grow a brain in DC. Stop all the frivolous spending. A govie does not need a gov supplied cell phone or smart pad any more than a fish needs a bicycle. You want office supplies, (calendars, pens, pencils, staplers), do what we had to do several years ago, buy our own. Teachers in the public school system do it all the time. Don’t ask us to procure hybrid, bio diesel and CnG gov fleet vehicles and then turn around ask us to provide top brass VIPs with a gas guzzling SuV at our organizations expense when you visit. Then go home to DC where SuV’s and a “driver” escort you all over DC. Clearly a case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

Illegal immigaration is pushing us over the edge, time to stem the tide. It seems Alabama and Arizona had to be the guinea pigs to do something. South Carolina is now working that way. The states have had enough and the feds are not going to, or are not able to help, so they took matters in their own hands.

No more loans to countries who have no intention of paying us back. No more farm subsidies, the buck stops here. Any surplus can be “sold” to overseas markets…….if need be. When my mother was a young girl in the 30’s & 40’s, train cars would dump surplus fruits and veggies in ditches in the south and spray them with poison so the local people wouldn’t take them. yeah, in America, it’s ridiculas….we let our own people go hungry. So farm subsidies were born and we have warehouses of stored food we can’t get to our own people. Then sell it. Why are we buying tomatoes from “Mexico”??? Anyone?? <hearing the sound of crickets>

Term limits, clearly is the way to go. You won’t do the job we voted to send you to do, we will replace you.

I knew they would be deadlocked. For me, it’s again, “the new normal”.