Stacy L. Carpenter

Good morning,

The view from private sector and impacts:

A small government committee charged with one task of immense importance that impacts everyone in the country can’t get it together in the slightest way. As the deadline approaches, the likelihood of success is reduced. The perception that the “top” people are incompetent grows and filters to perception of other officials. If the top people can’t function, what must the other officials be like? The lack of movement on the committee gives no reassurance to a business that a more stable future is on the horizon. As a company that is planning 3-5 years out on a 10 year plan, one can’t tell what is coming for costs, policies, general market stability or trend. All assets go on lockdown, growth is on hold, companies go under and layoffs continue. Companies seek markets outside of the US to increase revenue and augment losses felt in the US. This does not help the US economy. Nor does it help foreign investors confidence when it comes to predicting a return on their investments if they invested in the US.

For citizens, this means higher incurred public assistance costs with lowered budgets for such services and a paradigm shift in what this country’s culture is.

We’re in a unpleasant and predictable cycle and it needs to be broken.