Mike DeVirgilio

I always have to wonder about this particular query in polls. When I hear that some majority thinks we’re going in the “wrong” direction, in what direction “exactly” are we going? Responding to that, what exactly is the “right” direction? For me, those replies are very much based on my personal financial situation, my political leanings relative to what’s happening (as reported by the various media choices), my religious belief (or lack thereof) and how it relates to the world, and a great number of other factors. Talk about generalizations! Relative our public service jobs – do more, with less – but the “more” is government over-reach, but followed by: why aren’t you doing more with the “less” we’ve provided you? Asking public employees? Read any of the various accounts by many politicians or media outlets, and we’re greedy, uncaring, sub-human burdens who are overpaid, and generally not needed and to some, evil. Given that steady message, it’s a wonder that 29% have anything positive to say. And, despite that, I still am appreciative of my job, and continue to try to do it the best way I know how. Go figure.