Julie Chase

Ah Mr. Sperry, total brilliance…….”if only” it were that easy.

“Techs & Programmers” are dare I say, shhhh…..”contractors”. Ok, I said it. The techs & programmers are just one tier above me, the govie end user. They do exactly what the “contract” dictates, no more, no less. While pleasant and offering fairly good customer service, alas, they have no power. They are among the brightly colored shells on the beach of IT. They politely listen on the other end of the phone, while we the “end user” vent to them our troubles.

“Enterpise architects and program managers”,….again “contractors” with a few govie IT GS9’s and 11’s thrown in for extra measure. All held “accountable” to the “contract”.

The govie IT are just as rigid to the “process” and dislike it as much as the govie end user. There are so few of them because “the powers that be” decided that IT was not an inheritely government function. I disagree, but who am I? Hence what the meetings are about.

Moving up the food chain we have ITPRAS, kind of like the Magesterium in the Catholic Church, these folks interpret what is secure or not secure. Their scrutiny of the paperwork submitted can mean the difference between getting your IT software/hardware or not.

Here is where it ends for the end user as we don’t really know “who” is above this level. My guess would be DoD “some committee” or group that wrote the instruction, who are as far removed from the end user as Congress is from “the people”.

In the end, if you were lucky enough to receive the IT needed to move your mission “forward”, a month or two later, the end user receives an email from…..yeah, you guessed it, “a contractor” letting you know that your software is now “officially” registered. Yeah, erm, uh, ok, I guess.

There are many lessions learned from this. I think Dannielle is right on bringing the post to life. In each of 24, there is an organization butting heads with ? to move gov forward. I’d admire those who are in it for the long haul. I put myself there because I believe there is someone out there who will listen & involve the “end user”.