Julie Chase

#8 is the one! Battle has been lost due to regulation/directive XXGGO of the NAVSUP that reads para 2. section 4, dated 1982.

<suddenly, the Darth Vader theme is running through my head>

So NO, been there, done that, got rejected.

If you “don’t” get an audience with IT “before” you purchase anything IT related, your audit will not be pleasant. Kentucky is a very pretty state, but I wouldn’t want to be “forced” to live there. They want the approval papers.

What about the “The Paper Reduction Act”?? My last act of a desparate innovator, as my pink light saber begins to fade.

I know in other agencies you all can go hog wild and buy everything from laptops to blackberries that can take take pictures of a book on the ground at 30,000 ft…..not here. By the way…..there is a big stink about those blackberries and IPads….and a call to turn them in to “save” money. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger……..

Yes, folks, remember, it’s about the “process”.

End of meeting………….I’ll go back to my desk now, everything is fine, nothing to see here.