Ed Albetski

I’ve been watching a lot of Sopranos episodes recently and I’ve really developed quite a respect for the way the mob does things. Tony Soprano would have the former mayor meet with an unfortunate accident getting him off the hook with the governor leaving him free to appoint his own candidate who would be loyal to Tony and not the governor.

In reality you can call in a political favor and have some corporate head offer the former mayor a more lucrative job which would accomplish the same thing without having anyone murdered. But this would be like actually listening to Worf on Star Trek when he says they should kill the space monster in the first five minutes of the episode. Picard always says they should study it and then in the ensuing hour the monster eats half the galaxy and they end up destroying it anyway. Yeah, more efficient, but not as much fun…

Sorry. Read this late at night and my sense of humor got the better of me…