Julie Chase

No one famous. Just quotes I have heard throughout my gov career.

“Take these forms and fill out all sections on all 20 pages, except for section C. Then sign each page and initial where indicated. I will make copies when you are finished.”

“Oh, I see, did you bring Form # 400-4 D with you? No, well, I’m sorry, you need to go to that dept and get the form and fill it out before you come to us.”

“This form has been superceded, you will need to get the correct form.”

“Come on in. I have reviewed your performance assessment, however, I see you did not fill out section 5 of the 16 page review. Do you have any questions about it? Well, you need to fill that out and send it back to me electronically and then we can set up another time for your review.”

“I don’t see a packing slip for this order. In order to audit you according to directive/regulation, all packing slips have to be included with each order. Perhaps we can set up another time for this audit.”

It’s all about the “process” and paperwork. Whoever climbs to the top of the gov mound of papers, will be crowned the paper tiger. Oh, you will need to sign, initial and initial your initials to prove that you signed it. Yep, a true scene right of the old M*A*S*H* series.

My fav is: “Hurry up and wait.”