Mark Hammer

Well let’s suggest that “trust” is a multidimensional construct, such that party X trusts party Y at different levels in different ways, and that mistrust for some things could coexist with great trust for other things. I trust my kids for some things, but don’t necessarily trust them for others. That’s not so much an expression of hostility or any adversarial relationship, but more an expression of varying degrees of confidence in their strengths and weaknesses. I trust them to be honest, but I don’t trust them to be exquisite judges of when they’re really had enough to eat. I trust in their honesty and good intentions, but I don’t automatically trust in their attention to detail. And so on.

So, from your own privileged perspective (in the sense that most of us here do not work for or with political appointees, and have little real or informed sense of what their concerns might be), are there areas where elected individuals or political appointees reflexively and authentically trust “the bureaucracy” and bureaucrats?