Denise Petet

Raising the minimum wage as you suggest will never happen. It’d cut too much into corporate profits. Notice over the years every single time the minimum wage raises the price of a Big Mac goes up? Or a gallon of milk?

Raise the minimum wage and prices go up because businesses/corporations must maintain a certain profit margin and the execs with their 6+ figure salary aren’t gonna take a hit so the ‘little guy’ can get more money. I’m sure if someone crunched the numbers, although people working min wage may be ‘making more’, proportionately they’re also spending more for the necessities of life.

I think the occupy is less a message to the president and more a message to congress and the senate. The President may have the best ideas in the world, but when the people deciding whether or not to implement are mired in their hardline hard left/hard right dogma, nothing happens.

They did a little breakdown on the national news someday last week. Twenty years ago, congress was roughly 1/3 hard right, 1/3 hard left, 1/3 moderate. Now? 50/50 hard right, hard left. There is no room for compromise, just two sides both trying to ‘win’ some imaginary battle, and the whole country suffers as a result.

For your social security idea, I think something that needs to be considered is what it does to the work force when people stay in jobs longer and longer in an era of ‘mechanize to minimize wage output’. Jobs, over all, are decreasing in number even as our population increases. People are already working far beyond traditional retirement because they simply cannot live on any retirement savings – not to even go into how many peoples’ retirement savings were gobbled up in the bank meltdown. There are millions of people that worked to set aside a nest egg, that was raided by billionaires rigging things to make more billions. Folks have no choice but to continue to work, either that or live on the streets at the ripe age of 65.

I would love to see more stuff made in America. And it is a good way to get the economy going. Problem is, if a sweater costs $15 dollars when made in China, it’s gonna have to cost $50 when made in the US by an employee with a mandated minimum wage of $15 an hour. That’s why everything is sent to third world countries to be made, it’s the only way to keep prices down where people can afford them. Even as it shoots us in the foot in the long run with a general lack of manufacturing jobs.

Our country is focused, almost solely, on making a profit. And, in many cases, not just making a living, making a killing. Maximize profit at all costs. and, in the short term, it was okay. but after decades of rampant obsession with the biggest profit possible, we’ve reached the tipping point. Those making the profits have pushed the whole country to the point of non-sustainability. Profit isn’t’ bad. It’s great motivation. It just needs to be tempered with ‘enough’. ‘I have enough, I’m going to share’ instead of ‘screw the employees, lay them off, I need more’

Minimum wage will never go up that high. And if it does, prices will just go up to match. Businesses will cut corners in manufacturing to keep their profit margin, which usually means more mechanization instead of human employees, something when coupled with keeping people working into their 70′ sand 80’s will ramp up unemployment. As to the third point, the only way that would happen is if imported goods are taxed to give more expensive nationally made goods a chance, but our trade partners won’t allow that. China and the such would probably go to war if we tried it. their economy is thriving as they make cheap stuff for us to consume. 🙂