Chris Poirier

So this brings us to the core of the conversation here: Crisis Communications vs Emergency Communications vs. Communications. (Yes, there is a difference!)

For the sake of the conversation being held here we are talking about Emergency Communications: Providing information to the public during an emergency about that emergency. This is near-real time information on the situation, efforts underway, etc. Not PSAs on stand alone, long term programs that are related to emergency management.

Things like the NFIP, grant programs, preparedness, etc are great tools and absolutely could be considered for this model. But these things are NOT crisis communications, they are communications packages for static programs with mostly static content.

Crisis Communications, by defintion is another beast altogether. It’s the practice of doing brand, agency/department, individual, etc damage control after negative press and honestly, we kind of highjacked the conversation away from this issue entirely…lol.

I’m not digging on AdWords as a product in general, but for the purposes of Emergency Comms and keeping the public informed DURING a disaster, this is just not the model.