AJ Dronkers

Chris yes it’s pay per click but if you take this out of a context of an emergency maybe a campaign where you need to improve your search relevance this could be useful. You can also set a budget cap for how much you are willing to pay in a given time period and what’s great is you only pay for actual clicks. I don’t really see how this is different then paying for media on billboards or tv except more relevant in a digital age. I also think buying search words for mobile is of great potential. Think about it someone searches for outdoor things to do in a certain city. Maybe your local/state park department buys those keywords and increases foot traffic and other sales as a result. Statistics show that people who search on mobile devices are looking to act/purchase on that need right away. The park department doesn’t have to break the bank buy saying they are only willing to pay for $500 worth of clicks in a given month.