Chris Poirier

Interesting point, but one can never predict how many emergencies you are going to have a year. (FEMA knows this all to well.) You don’t even know how long an emergency may last. Irene took days, weeks, and months of effort and some places are still recovering and needing to push information. So having something in your tool box tied to ongoing spending doesn’t seem logical. Especially, when the crisis communications plan is going to involve mass TV, Radio, news paper, etc information pushes where they typically include address to all important information online. Online is only one media outlet of many.

This also brings up the issue of who get’s priority on AdWords as being the “top searches” you PAY for. Say a bunch of emergency management consulting firms buy out all the key words so they show up in top slots on AdWords over government? (The two options in addition to the NFIP above have nothing to do with NFIP.) SEO at least allows for some optimization and without additional costs. Then slap on all the TV, Radio, and Newspaper info on the topic being pushed non-stop during an emergency and people will find you. Just requires dedication and ensuring solid PIO practices.