Chris Poirier

Not surprised at all Eric, but would be if they were using it for emergency communications and not PSA type activities. (Things like CDC, HHS, HUD, etc pushing out information that is static is not emergency communications, though some topics may “sound” like related materials. Preparedness is also different from real-time, near real-time emergency information which is the concept at play here.)

Let me ask you this for the sake of open conversation: What is the benefit to AdWords (a paid service) over using SEO that can be developed at no cost to the taxpayer while ensuring access to the information? Most websites, blogs, etc that push emergency communications information are already in place and can be SEO optimized, so what is the benefit of using something like AdWords over increasing the SEO capabilities that would result in top results cost free?

Additionally, the activities of the emergency management organizations and PIO activities of the agency/department hold the accountability on these types of products and are typically best maintained by the staff conducting the intake and output of emergency comms. So, to be fair, what is the value add here that is not already being undertaken by the organizations and in most cases at zero cost?