Chris Poirier

For emergency purposes this is just off the charts in terms of being a bad idea. Government organizations should not have to run advertisements to provide the public with correct information before, during, or after an emergency situation.

1.) Let’s be honest, if government organizations were in the fray and working their existing websites and web friendly releases currently, solid SEO practices would replace the need for paid content positioning.

2.) If the organizations are doing their jobs out of their PIO offices appropriately, more than enough accurate information would be available to the public via a cross section of media outlets. (e.g., internet, radio, tv, etc.) It is the PIO’s job in conjunction with emergency management staff to validate information. They are the official source, let them do their job.
(Digital PIO)

Seems to me this idea is born out of the concept of force fitting a tool to do a job instead of using the right tool for the job.

It’s a novel concept, but advertising is not the place to pushing this type of important information when multiple web friendly options already exist. Additionally, it probably would be a PR nightmare in and of itself for the public to find out that a government organization was paying for ad space to “correct” the open media. (Right or wrong..this probably wouldn’t excite 1st Amendment activists.)