Don Fitchett

I haven’t seen any Gov Google ads yet, but I am conditioned to ignore ads. :>) I think the first idea disaster relief might not be that practical, as many will be without access to the internet. Especially those in need. But the second idea is great, and critical to benefit of the citizens who pay for the ads (via taxes) The more educated the decisions and perceptions of it’s people, the better the USA will do. Sounds like a good investment.

But also besides damage control reasons to run Google ads, the Government should run ads for PSAs. If I am searching for home mortgage relief or help, a Government Ad for page with facts, tips, scams to avoid, should be the first link see. I think it is the Governments responsibility to educate consumers of best course of action and resources available. (Consumer protection) Also in this day and age, Google Ads is worth trying and then review the analytic to see if they should continue, if effective.