Julie Chase

I know young people in our area who graduated in May of 2011 and are “waiting” for the Pathways program to filter down to our installation before the “2” yr. deadline. Others have left the area and are heading for the private sector. Comments made range from, “the government hiring process has no stability”, “the USA JOBS improvement, is not an improvement”, “the only agency hiring is the US Forestry Service in this area”, “My STEP experience in gov hiring has soured my taste for government work”.

With programs such as Pathways, keep in mind a few things:

* There are vet groups already trying to knock it out of the water before it starts

* Does your agency, organization, installation have “funding” for this program? Read EO’s carefully, as some forget to mention the “small print”.

* How is this going to work during a “hiring freeze”, (see MARADMIN 574/11 Ref B), which has been “extended indefinately”?

* Is the process “getting in” to this program going to be as cumbersome as USA JOBS?

* With the hiring freeze, in place, how are agencies, organizations, installations supposed to work with the program without a staff to run it?

I believe this new initiative will encourage more young people to seek federal service, without a doubt. What is not being said outside the “Shiny Happy People” beltway, are agencies cannot hire, they cannot fund, and therefore they cannot adequately “begin” to put Pathways into motion. I think John Berry needs to “look outside” the insular box that is DC before painting such a pretty picture.