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Our office gift routine is stress-free. We do a random gift exchange; and by “random” I don’t mean ‘Secret Santa’ where you know who you are giving to but it is randomly chosen; I mean the entire thing is random: The day of the exchange, anyone wishing to participate brings a gift, then some sort of game is played that facilitates randomly passing the gifts back and forth in a circle/crowd/etc. At the end everyone who brought a gift winds up with a gift (and is allowed to make an ‘extra’ pass to someone if necessary to avoid winding up with their own). We also mandate a fairly low dollar value limit for the gifts (10 or 15 bucks) to avoid getting into ethics rules or into any sort of guilt/lopsided/unfairness feeling in a gift exchange that includes everyone from GS-15’s to GS-5’s and everything in between (additionally, for the ethics rules considerations, we generally do not include contractors). All of this adds up to make this fun, simple, appropriate, and stress-free. 🙂