Carol A. Spencer

Morris County NJ adopted a policy that the county would have one primary twitter feed, but with the approval of IT and the County Administrator, where appropriate we can allow others. The best example is the prosecutor’s office. They tweet about trials and arrests, something we really don’t want streaming on our main county Twitter account. So, IT recommended, and the Administrator approved, a twitter account for them. On the other hand, we recommended and got approval for the Park Commission to have their own twitter account and no one is maintaining it.

We actually have six twitter accounts. I’m able to monitor and post to all of them. I retweet information that I think would be interesting to the broader audience on MorrisCountyNJ. We also have an emergency notification channel: MCUrgent. We only post to that during emergencies.

One other consideration is Twitter’s Fast Follow: those who sign up for tweets by text message. While we can’t yet get stats on Fast Follow, I think we have a fair number of people using it. Anecdotal, but our stats on MCUrgent during Hurricane Irene were huge and I’m pretty sure Fast Follow was a big contributor. If every library, MUA, Health and Prosecutor post were posted to MorrisCountyNJ, I think people would turn off Fast Follow.

Judiciously (the key word, here) using multiple accounts, and retweeting certain items to the main twitter feed, while tedious and time-consuming, has worked well for us.