Mark Hammer

Friendly amendment seconded. 🙂

I regularly refer folks to the terrific report on whistleblower protection that my colleagues at MSPB published almost exactly a year ago. VERY informative reading. It does not parse employee disclosures into only the two categories of legitimate and self-serving, but adds a fairly large third category of sincere-but-misguided/off-target, and fourth category of sincere-but-not-covered-by-law. Those latter two categories are perhaps more problematic than the others insomuch as they seem to be the preponderance of disclosures brought forward. While there is certainly harm created by wrongdoing that doesn’t come to light or is not prevented from happening, there is also harm created when misplaced expectations end up undermining faith in the system. It’s like losing your faith in Santa because you had been sending your letters to the South Pole all these years and had never heard back.

Again, I highly recommend reading the report, even if one isn’t part of the US federal PS. A really thought-provoking document.