David Fletcher

Some of the best annual reports that I’ve seen have been coming from various state governments in Mexico. For example, the state of Aguascalientes just published their annual report a few days ago at http://www.aguascalientes.gob.mx/primerinforme/default.aspx. These reports are designed to reach the public and general include much more than just a long PDF. There is usually a live stream where the Governor and other officials report on what they have accomplished and what they hope to accomplish in the future. They will often take live questions as well, addressing progress. I like how engaging they seem to be. Then there are videos, usually hosted on YouTube, that report progress on goals that are of greatest importance to the populace. Of course they also publish the traditional PDF, along with a shortened summary version, which I think is a good idea. My hope is that this kind of engagement is sincere and results in real changes for the population they serve and not just political events. Here’s the second annual report from the municipal administration of Zapopan: http://zapopan.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Segundo-Informe-de-Gobierno-Zapopan-2011.pdf. I was interested in this because Zapopan has been doing some very progress things lately in relation to technology, including their adoption of cloud services. I think I see every annual report published by the state of Utah each year, some good, others not as good. I’ve posted some of them to our document sharing site on Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/stateofutahg.