Faye Newsham

It depends on what your Monday meeting is for… our team of about 15 people meet for 15 to 30 minutes on Monday to do a quick review of each open project. As someone in the website group, this means that I get a quick look at what the application folks are doing and if there is anything I may need to pay attention to for my project. The infrastructure folks talk briefly and this lets me know if any of my systems are scheduled for work later in that week. We discuss 1 or 2 outstanding action items and then personal schedules as needed (Faye is out Thursday morning but will be available by email)… Our same team is responsible for providing weekly report pieces Thursday evening or Friday morning but despite sitting in the same 100 square foot cubical farm, there are weeks where I may not speak to another soul on my team the entire week. Putting the face to the projects and taking a minute to make sure we are a team is well worth it to me. It starts my week with consistency and a sanity check that I appreciate.