Lovisa Williams

We built the first Government social network on Ning for the Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Bureau at State Department. The site is called Connect. We built the site just over four years ago. The purpose of the site is to talk about international exchanges. These are not only just programs we run, but that our grantee organizations run on our behalf and also what other exchange programs may be out there that aren’t ours. In general if you are interested in international exchanges even if you are never an official participant, we want to hear from you. One of the reasons we selected Ning as our platform is because we wanted to use the sub group feature to host conversations specific to the many programs we run. We also have communities there that are our partners and grantee organizations. This site has been extremely successful and continues to grow. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I helped ECA build and launch this site, but do not currently provide the day to day management of site. I am happy to connect you to the Community Manager and the ECA Social Media Team as needed.