Angel Delgado

Well…yes and no. The “Small Business” determination, by federal regulation is permitted to continue with the “Small Business” status throughout the length of the contract; e.g. 5 yr contract (Base and options) and up to 10yrs for IT. On the same token, the “company” should update their Reps and Certs in ORCA whenever their situation changes. I would check with the Contracting Officer of that IDIQ to confirm whether or not there are contract clauses that may address that, as the SDVOB / Small Business change may / could be an issue. IF that is not addressed, and you are planning to compete under SDVOSB, you will need to make sure the rule of two is applied, otherwise if you exclude the company in question, they can protest the award of a task order, specially if it is over 10mm.$$. You can also check with the local SBA office, or have your CO request a Small Business determination from SBA. An advise, and as a rule of thumb, do not take “experienced interpretations” (not even mine) at face value and, “dig” into the regulations as deep as you can to find the answer. That is the real way to learn the trade… you will thank me later.