Denise Petet

I disagree with you, be it from my ignorance or not. What I see is hard left vs hard right, both fighting to ‘win’ and neither willing to work with the other side to find any compromise.It’s an ‘all or nothing’ proposition for them. I see things that should take days taking weeks and months, because they fight to win, as in ‘things must be my way and only my way and frak the world if you don’t see that my way is right’. Compromise has been replaced with capitulation.

I see individuals spending their days fighting for a cause or corporate sponsor or lobbyist or to push their personal beliefs upon others instead of remembering that their job is supposed to be to speak for MOST people – can’t ever speak for all – and it should be to find a solution that does the most good for the most…..not just to keep this corporation or this special interest group happy.

I see a wholly dysfunctional group spending weeks/months bickering with each other, that when they campaign can’t/won’t deal with ‘this is how i’ll fix things’ rather ‘see, this is what he’s doing wrong, i won’t be as bad as him, elect me’. I see people getting into office with no real plan rather a list of campaign promises that they know they can never attain, but they sure were good buzz words on the commercials. they make promises based on what will get them the most poll points and votes, know they’re impossible, pay lip service to it then go on about currying favor and raking in those ‘contributions’ from people seeking to buy their vote for whatever agenda they have.

Take their bickering, I’m right, you’re wrong, attitude, transfer it to average people in an average work place, toss in the inability to meet deadlines and get things done and you’d have a bunch of ex employees. I think that’s part of the anger. More and more, average employees are being told to ‘do more with less’, be held accountable to tighter and tighter rules and regs in an effort to squeeze out every penny of profit, being laid off for no other real reason than ‘we didn’t hit our profit estimate and must keep the share holders happy’. Many of us go to work on a daily basis afraid for our jobs…and then we have these folks that thrive in dysfunction and get to keep messing up and accomplishing nothing and it’s ok and acceptable and just how things are.

And yes, they do get elected time and time again…because they have the money to make the campaign ads that spin and twist events. And the winner of any election is quite often ‘s/he who spends the most money bashing their opponent’, which means they have to fund raise, which means they have to accept massive campaign contributions, which means they walk into office owing millions of dollars of favors.

And the cycle repeats.