Denise Petet

And don’t forget all the perks politicians kids get too. free tuition and the like. Laws and rules that don’t apply to them but apply to all the rest of us. Even things as simple as being immune from parking tickets are wrong.

IMHO, this is why we need term limits. nothing is more dangerous than a career politician, because they’ll do anything ot keep the cushy job. If two terms is good enough for the prez, it’s good enough for the rest of them. Sure, some will still be bought and paid for by their sponsors, but at least the various lobbyists and corporations will have to start over every few years. Fifty year long reigns of power are ridiculous.

As to how do 1% convince the other 99% to do something stupid….advertising, spin doctoring, manipulations and carefully crafted half truths. Lobbyist backed ad campaigns, bought and paid for ‘news reporters’. they lie, they make people panic and they get their way. It’s just like during the health care debates, when it was brought up how there would be ‘death panels’, deciding who lives and dies….well what do you think insurance companies do now? You think they don’t sit around a table or plug numbers into a computer to come up with whether or not it’s ‘worth’ covering a treatment? They emphasized how often people had to wait to get procedures but glossed over the fact that in other countries people don’t go bankrupt and lose their homes because someone gets sick. (not gonna derail this into that debate, but they are good examples of spin doctoring.)

He who mounts the best ad campaign ‘wins’. And the best ad campaign is usually the best funded, so, usually, he who has the most money wins. Whether he’s right or better or not.

And if anyone gets too out of line, well manufacture a good old sex scandal and you get them out of office and bring in someone else.