I am all for Congress living like the rest of us. Pay into Social Security, reduce their pay to what the average American makes, get the same retirement as other government workers, but not fully funded after only two years in office. Seems to me they have voted themselves quite a tidy living on top of what they get for selling us down the river.

Continuously cutting our educational systems is dumbing down Americans. Do we really want uneducated young people coming up the ranks to run our government? Oh, wait! that’s right, all their children will go to schools and be better educated so they will be the ones going into the ruling class……the class system. Turning us into a third world country so we have a more competitive workforce. Get rid of unions, child labor laws, OSHA, and the EPA and our industries could compete. We can make America more competitive with other nations who do not value their citizens either.

My husband’s favorite saying is, “How can 1% convince 99% to vote for something that is not in their best interest? Yet, they seem to be able to do exactly that.” My take on what is happening is that they keep rattling sabers over issues that aren’t really that important while they are stealing the treasury blind and stuffing huge wads of money into their pockets from special interests.

The original concept of our Congress was someone who went to do their civic duty and help govern. They didn’t make so much that it became a career. It should go back to that. People who have their neighbors best interest in mind, making them safe and secure and knowing that our way of life will endure along with our freedom.