Denise Petet

I think a wonderful gesture would be our congressfolks to take a wage cut, just like the rest of us. How about getting their insurance plan in line with what the average American has? Or retirement. All too often it can be said that they don’t live in the same world with the rest of us, maybe it’s time they visited how the other 3/4th lives? Let them have a finite amount of money each month, let them face the reality the rest of us face.

It could be asked how can they adequately speak for the ‘average american’ when they don’t live like the ‘average american’ but instead they live like the ‘entitled few’? I think a lot of these folks need to be introduced to the concept of ‘enough’.

now, beyond the symbollic gesture, yeah, we need jobs. Not just $7 flipping burger jobs, but living wage jobs. We need something like the New Deal that gets people to work and gets things done. Most of the infrastructure that’s crumbling around us was built by the New Deal, and it’s definitely showing its age (although there is no tougher concrete than WPA poured sidewalks, still going strong decades later)