Keena Cauthen

I drove the family station wagon, but the first vehicle considered “mine” was the old blue van, a Ford Van, 197xish, government sale item. The mobile crime unit in KS upgraded, spray-painted over their emblems and sold the used vehicles… and my dad bought me the van. Stick, standard H on the column, two passenger in front, mobile crime unit look in back. Burned through oil like nobody’s business just trying to drive it the 5 hours home. Dad and I fixed her up, and that was my main mode of transportation for my last 2 years of high school (87-89). If she wasn’t working? I had the 9-passenger Pontiac station wagon (also a 1970ish year), with rear-facing back seat, that was also a goverment re-buy, and could she haul! Beat lots of sports cars off the line with her; after about 2 blocks, anyone could beat her. But she could move up till then! What memories!