Hi Mary Ann! If you want to stop someone from Following you, you can go up to the top right of one of their tweets on your page & I believe a little dropdown menu is there. Click-on the dropdown menu & you will find BLOCK SO & SO (THEIR TWITTER NAME). Also, if you’ve Followed someone unintentionally, type in their Twitter name in the Search box at the top of the page. You will be taken to their page. Next to their picture & profile at the top of their page, on the right side; put the mouse arrow on the space to the right & click-on Unfollow. There are also other areas, I believe where you can find the term Block this user, or, Unfollow so & so (their Twitter name). This is the best way that I can explain things without actually looking at a Twitter page to know for sure where these things can be found. If you have any problems, just post here, & I’ll receive your reply in my email & I can help you further.