Local governments are very sensitive to constituent complaints. In a conservative, anti-government environment I can’t take any risks. If a municipal council member, not that familiar with twitter, saw a close-up photo of a naked bottom on my profile page, clicked on that naked bottom and read the explicit description of the services offered, he or she may not bother to think that it was just someone following me. We could lose that working agreement and not only would the twitter acct be closed, but there could be lay offs due to reduced funding. We are a very small, local agency with not many followers so that profile picture would appear for awhile.

And yes, I do have better things to be doing. At the time, I was writing an article for a township newsletter, putting out my own newsletter, updating the Web site and dealing with two other local agencies on a possibly negative media issue. That is why I came to this community to ask how to deal with this; I had no time to figure it out.

I found GovLoop through one of your tweets Mr. Levy. Finally, I wasn’t out here alone trying to figure it all out by myself. And there was a connection, however tenuous, when I stumbled on your twitter acct. I thought here is someone I can learn from. EPA makes clean water regs, enforced by our state EPA, and often carried to landowners by the ground troops of local soil and water conservation districts. Frankly, Mr. Levy the tone of your reply makes me feel like the general just laughed at the foot soldier who slipped in the mud.