Angel Llerena

Managers need to start writing what they observe throughout the year of their employees, the “good” and “what needs improvement.” Perhaps a good tool that will facilitate this task is having an 8 1/2 x 14 document for each employee directly assigned to them that on one side has their employee’s running attendance record (ie; graph with 1 to 31 going across and name of each month on the left side from top to bottom, with enough space on squares to note a “letter” or “number” representing ABSENT, LATE. No SHOW/NO CALL, MERIT DESERVED, ETC., all part of KEY CODES listed on bottom of graph).

The other side of the page could have lines going across or simply left “blank,” where dates and brief notes are taken to account for a significant activity, worth noting for that day. At MID POINT or FINAL Reviews, this document will serve as a useful means to both “add content to evaluation” and “reflect on employee actions that merit discussion.”

Employees should have a running history of their accomplishments, and suggest we all function with the concept of “always providing people what they need before they know they need it,” as for me, nothing but good actions have derived from this.practice. And always CYA in all you do, take notes of what, when, why, where and how, you may find it useful during review time.